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WillRide4You Riders is not an alternative to church - we believe that the local Church is the greatest thing going and when two or more are experiencing the majesty of the Lord's creation on motorcycles, we are participating in worship.

Our mission is to share the love of Christian fellowship, motorcycles and the local church through safety, excellence and service. We work with and through the local church to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship through frequent, safe, and well-organized group motorcycle rides.

This is a Fundamental Christian Motorcycle Ministry (MM, not an
MC) That is organizing to bring the Word of God to bikers and in
particular, motorcycle clubs


                                              We Will Ride4You

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Q: What does it take to become a affliliate of the Willride4you Christian Motorcycle Ministry (CMM)?

A: To become a affiliate of WillRide4you, you must be a born again Christian, fill out the contact us now   or send an e-mail with your mailing address included to Pastor Darrell

Q: Can I fax in my application?

A: Yes you can fax your information to (706)375-8556

Q: Do I have to pay dues to be a member of affliliate of WillRide4You?

A: Although we do operate on a donation basis, there is no yearly membership fee for being a member or affiliate of WillRide4You.

Q: How much are the above WillRide4You shirt and jacket logo's?

A: The Jacket emblems are 25.00 each and you may purchase as many as you need.

Q: Why should I be part or become of a local affiliate?

A: Local affiliates  provide the opportunity to fellowship, grow, and minister with likeminded Christians. They help you to connect to other  Christian Motorcycle Ministries's throughout your state and throughout the nation.

Q: I recently accepted Christ, now what?

A: You have made the most important decision of this lifetime, congratulations! Please visit our New Believers Page for vital information concerning your walk with Christ. We encourage you to attend a local church as well as attend a local WillRide4You  Affiliate  meeting.


  "An Outreach Ministry of and Batlefield Ministries Community Church"