Who we Are


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    WillRide4You.org is a Christian Motorcycle Outreach!

This is a Fundamental Christian Motorcycle Ministry (MM, not an
MC) That is organizing to bring the Word of God to bikers and in
particular, motorcycle clubs


Our belief and mission is clear, which is the Great Commission from GOD.
The ONLY Bible we use is the King James Version (KJV) as we believe it is the English infallible Word of GOD which includes the OLD and
NEW TESTAMENTS which are GOD inspired and GOD breathed to
give us His Truth.

We believe in the Trinity: Father (GOD), Son (Jesus Christ),
and the Holy Spirit (Great Comforter).
The KJV is our authority as it is the Holy WORD of GOD.
Can WillRide4you Rider read from another Bible or reference books? Of course, however just as in Man's law the US  Supreme Court is the
authority,  We too have GOD's Law which is our Supreme Authority in
the King James Bible.
The KJV is the only Bible that no man can copyright,  it is in the public
domain, and everyone has a right to it.

This Ministry does not direct its mission based on a set of Constitution
and Bylaws, rather it exists on the GOD given laws in the Holy
There are very few rules in this Ministry for the Born Again Christian
Being Born Again means we will be a Soul Winner for Christ and true
Christians want to please the Lord and live by His Word.
We  abstain from drugs, and alcohol. 
We want to be an example and a witness.

Our only claim of territory is "HEAVEN" and you can claim it too.
That is what we are about!  Getting our final territory, AND GET
THIS, we want to share it with you.
Our bottom is and always will be, "WE ARE ALL BROTHERS IN CHRIST" Because we are not about territory and we are not an affiliate or associated with any other Motorcycle club,
We will recognize and respect all clubs.

WillRide4You Riders is not like many Motorcycle Outreach
Ministries that wants to please every denomination and all types of beliefs. 
We are not a stereo-typical lay down and walk over me Christian. 
We believe very strongly in the 2nd Amendment Right in keeping and
bearing arms.  And we do!

Many of today's churches preach acceptance of  "alternative lifestyles" and that we need to accept everyone in order to reach them.
Not true, we can love the sinner and hate the sin and we do and should,
just as God does.
The world today wants to put acceptable labels on everything so we can change our thinking and become sensitive.
Well, we don't do that.

Even Christians are still sinners, Just Forgiven! 
We aren't always successful at keeping out of Satan's grips of sin. 
Well the difference from us and you if you have not accepted his Lordship and Forgiveness is our final resting place.
The fact is we are covered by His blood and saved by God's
grace through our faith in Him.
We have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior and we are now taking a road in life.
That new road God tells us is narrow and few will take it but the road to death and destruction is wide and many choose
this road.
As saved servants of Christ it does not give us a blanket to sin under. Remember that we are observed by everyone, watching and waiting for us to mess up and say,
hypocrite, and God always knows us. 
Since we are under His Blood, we are Forgiven and we DO
NOT want to continue a life of sin.  That is why we are always Striving to Please Him and when we do fail we have an advocate with the Father " Jesus Christ":

  "An Outreach Ministry of Eagle1Ministries.org and Batlefield Ministries Community Church"